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T=HC2 Einstein Classic 4-Piece SharpShred 360 Grinder

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Spend more time on the things you love, like lighting up, and contemplating theories of relativity. This grinder slashes through the time you need to grind bud with sharp teeth and a durable design to keep the smoke sesh going. Two mini scrapers and a durable pollen screen come together with a durable design for a prizeworthy grinder that just won't quit.

  • Sharp teeth easily cut through herb
  • Four chambers to separate ground weed and pollen
  • Durable pollen screen
  • Kief chamber to contain highly-concentrated pollen
  • Easily cut through cannabis
  • High-quality weed grinder
  • Two mini scrapers included
  • Two sizes: 55 mm grinder and 63 mm grinder