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THC+ Tincture

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THC+ Tincture
Designed for ultimate relaxation and joyfulness.

Minor Cannabinoids Found in THC+
THCO | HHC | D8THC | D9-THC (less than .3%)

Our full-spectrum extract with THCO, HHC, and D8THC is hemp derived and federally legal. The effects of these extracts are currently being studied, and have shown extremely uplifting, calming, and relaxing effects.

Reported THC+ Effects

THC+ tincture is reported to increase mood, promote calm feelings, and encourage relaxation.

Tincture Strength
1000mg/100 Doses (10mg/.15ml)
1 Dose = Approx. 7 Drops

THC+ Benefits
Maximum Strength (66mg/ml)
Long-Lasting Formula
Perfected Cannabinoid Ratios

Favorite THC+ Uses
Bake Edibles By Dosing Butters and Oils
Dose Coffee, Shakes, Salads and More
Perfect For Vegan, Keto, and Gluten-free Diets

Getting Started With THC+ Tinctures
For fast relief try 1/5 dropper sublingually. Increase dose as directed by your physician.
Mix into butter, cooking oil, or any other oil based consumable/topical.

1 Stick of butter + 1000mg = Approx. 7.5mg/ml
85ml (Base of choice) + 1000mg = 10mg/ml
1/5 dropper (.15ml) 1000mg = 10mg

Carrier Oil
THC+ tinctures use premium MCT oil for the fastest acting and longest lasting relief.

Organic MCT Oil, Hemp Derived Cannabinoid Blend.

No Harmful Flavoring, Colors, Or Preservatives Have Been Added To This Product.