CBD and Delta-8 THC Customer Testimonials

  • "I Adore CBD 1000mg Pain Cream seemed to have healed my skin cancer."  - Janice

Janice told us at I Adore CBD that she had went to the doctor and was due to get treatment for the melanoma skin cancer they had found.  She decided to not go to get the treatment and tried the I Adore CBD 1000mg Pain Cream and began to notice her skin looked to be healing.  She went to the doctor whom said that her skin was looking good after the treatments, and she told him that she never went for the treatment, and that she had been using I Adore CBD 1000mg Pain Cream.  He was shocked.  Janice continues to use the cream and her skin looks great.

  • "I Adore CBD's line of Delta-8 THC has really helped me with pain, anxiety and sleep" - Erica

Erica came to the store looking for relief.  She decided to use the Delta-8 THC side of hemp that we offer in store and here on our website.  She has used different brands, trying different strains, and different products.  Her most purchased items are the Delta-8 edibles.

  • "The Delta-8 THC edibles have really been helping my stomach and CML symptoms (Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia)" - Jessica

Jessica was in search of natural relief for different health issues she deals with, one being stomach issues.  She has really gained appreciation for the Delta-8 THC side of hemp.  She likes the I Adore Delta-8 THC 240mg Watermelon Ring Gummies along with the Trap House gummies, Tincture oils we carry from Triangle Trading Company, and she enjoys the I Adore Delta-8 THC Pineapple Express and the I Adore Delta-8 THC Blueberry OG vape cartridges, along with the other brands we carry:  Emerald Panhandle Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridges, Triangle Trading Company Delta-8 THC Vape Carts with Marijuana Terpenes (Gold Triangle Carts).  

  • "Such good customer service and the products are even better. The CBD gummies are absolutely crucial for me to calm down and get a good night sleep, and the pain cream helps take the edge off an old spinal injury. I’ve tried a good majority of the products offered and found them all to be pretty decent for their intended use. Will definitely continue to go back."

         - Shane

  • "I tried CBD for the first time about a month ago for my anxiety. I take normal medication that has greatly prevented severe panic attacks, but some daily stress and nervousness still persists. I have tried gummies, strips, tea, and oils, and they’re all great. They are very knowledgeable at this location and make relevant and helpful suggestions for someone uneducated on the subject (me). I take the products in the evening after work. My nerves settle down and allow me to relax with my family without any intoxicating effects like you would get with alcohol. My overall quality of life has improved, as small aches and pains like in my back and knees after a day at work aren’t as prevalent and I’m able to fall asleep and stay asleep at night. I would recommend trying. Just like with anything else, everybody is different, take your time and find a dosage that is right for you, but if you take more than you should it just makes you tired. The only undesirable side effect I’ve had is increased appetite." - Scott