7 Ways To Use Tincture Oils

7 Ways To Use Tincture Oils - iadorecbd

Are you interested in using tincture oils and want to know how you can use them?  

  1. The most common way to use a tincture oil is to do a sublingual dose, which means dosing the oil under your tongue.  Sublingually dosing is known to be one of the quickest ways to absorb the oil into your body which should make the oil begin to work the way it does quicker.
  2. Dose a warm drink with your tincture oil for a quick activation. (Tea, coffee)
  3. Use tincture oil topically.  Apply a few drops to an area that you are having    issues with pain.  This will absorb through your skin to the targeted area.
  4. Dose your meal accordingly.  Choose a tincture oil with either natural flavors, or a flavor that you think would compliment a meal you are making.
  5. Add it to your own lotions for an extra dose of CBD.
  6. Add it to your shampoo/conditioner.
  7. If your tincture is a Broad Spectrum CBD product with ZERO THC, you can give your pets your own tincture if they need it.  (1mg per 10lbs.)

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