How to Care for Your Vape Devices: 7 Helpful Tips for Vape Users

How to Care for Your Vape Devices: 7 Helpful Tips for Vape Users

According to the CDC, over one in ten young adults uses e-cigarettes. Vaping has become very popular and is being used by many as an alternative to traditional smoking.

Vape devices are long-lasting, which is one of the reasons people prefer them. However, to ensure your device stays in optimal condition, you'll need to take proper care of it. In this guide, we've listed seven helpful tips.

Once you've read to the end, you'll know how to care for and keep your vape lasting a long time.

1. Read the Manual

Once you bring home your vape and open it up, your first instinct may be to throw away the manual. You may think you know how to use it already, especially if you've had one in the past.

However, reading through the manual can help you keep your vape in good condition. The manufacturer lists the steps you need to take to assemble, use, and maintain your device. Following the manual guidelines will help you avoid common mistakes.

If you have any questions, you can always refer back to the manufacturer's instructions. It will tell you when to change your vape coil, how to check your battery, and how to empty and clean it. You'll reduce the risk of damaging your vape device, and you'll extend the lifespan, so you won't have to purchase a new one shortly.

2. Clean Your Device

Cleaning your device may not be the most glamorous task, but it is a simple and effective way to maintain its performance. Liquids will leave a residue behind, which can accumulate in the tank and on the coils.

This could affect the flavor and potentially damage your vape. Take the time to disassemble your device and clean each component.

Before disassembling your device, you'll need to gather a few materials:

  • Warm water
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Q-tips or cotton swabs
  • Paper towels or clean cloth
  • Small bowl
  • Toothpick or small brush (optional)

Once you have the necessary supplies, you'll disassemble your vape by removing the tank coil and other detachable parts. Remember, you'll have to reassemble after you're done cleaning, so pay attention to where each component goes.

You'll then empty the tank of any e-liquid left over. Pour it out into a safe container and use the leftover liquid later.

Once it's disassembled, rinse all the components under warm water. You don't want to damage any delicate parts, so use a gentle stream of water. This will help loosen particles and residue.

You'll then soak the components in the isopropyl alcohol for about 15-30 minutes. Use cotton swabs to clean the nooks of each component. Once that's completed, remove them, place them on a paper towel, and let them air dry.

Reassemble your device, test it, and refill it with e-liquid. Check your manual, but it's typically recommended that you clean it every one to two weeks. This timeframe can change based on how often you use it.

3. Monitor E-Liquid Levels

We know life gets busy and refilling your vape may slip your mind. However, letting your e-liquid levels drop too low can burn your coils and lead to a dry hit.

Not only will this compromise the flavor, but it could also damage the coil. Instead of allowing it to get too low, refill the e-liquid frequently. This will ensure consistency and allow you to enjoy your vaping experience.

4. Use the Right E-Liquids

Different vape devices are designed to handle specific types of e-liquids. You may be tempted to mix them or try a new one, but you'll need to ensure it's the right kind before doing so.

Some are compatible with both regular and nicotine salt e-liquids, while others are not. Using the wrong type can damage your device and compromise your overall performance. Before adding a new e-liquid, be shared to check the owner's manual to ensure it matches your device's specifications.

5. Adjust Wattage and Temperature Settings

If you have a new and modern vape device, you likely have the capability to adjust the wattage or temperature setting. This will allow you to customize your vaping experience.

However, an improper setting could damage your device. It could also lead to an unpleasant taste, which is the last thing that you want.

The best thing you can do is adjust your settings slowly and gradually. This will allow you to find out what settings you like best without damaging your vape devices.

6. E-Cig Storage

Your vape devices also need to be stored properly to ensure their integrity. You'll want to keep it away from extreme temperatures. Don't leave it in your car in direct sunlight.

You should also avoid leaving it in humid areas. Do your best to keep it out of your bathroom, as that can be an area of high humidity.

When you're not using it, store it in a cool, dry place. You may also want to consider purchasing a case to protect it from potential damages.

If you don't plan on using it for a while, take the battery out. This will ensure battery safety and extend its lifespan.

7. Change Vape Coil

The batteries and coils in your vape devices will degrade over time, which ultimately affects the performance. It's typically recommended to change these components every one to three weeks.

This will help keep them in optimal condition and reduce any risks to you. While this may seem like an inconvenience, changing the vape coil is a straightforward process.

You can start by emptying the tank of any e-liquid. Then unscrew the base of the tank from the rest of the device. Next, locate the old coil and either screw it out or pull it out based on your vape design.

Then insert the new coil into the tank and screw it into place. Make sure it's attached securely but avoid over-tightening it. Put the tank back together, refill it, and enjoy.

Maintaining Your Vape Devices

By taking proper care of your vape devices, you will increase their longevity and have a better vaping experience. The seven tips above will help you avoid common issues.

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