How Much THC Is in Delta 8?

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How Much THC Is in Delta 8?

How Much THC Is in Delta 8?

Many people think there's a lot of THC in Delta 8, but it's actually the opposite. Learn how much THC is in Delta 8 really here.

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 How Much THC Is in Delta 8?

If you're into vaping, you've probably heard about Delta 8. This cannabinoid is becoming increasingly popular these days (just look at the statistics; it's earned over $2 billion in revenue in just two years) but many Delta 8 newbies are still left with one burning question: How much THC is in Delta 8?

Delta 8 is a compound found in cannabis plants and is considered a minor cannabinoid because it only exists in very small amounts. In fact, according to the 2018 Farm Bill, to be legal for sale, commercial Delta 8 can't have more than 0.3% THC.

However, don't let that fool you; its effects are getting a lot of attention lately, with many people lauding it as a legal and milder alternative to Delta 9 (the THC you typically associate with marijuana). What makes Delta 8 so unique is that it still has psychoactive effects but with fewer side effects than Delta 9 THC.

So, how much of it is in that vape juice you're inhaling? Well, the answer will depend on a few factors, such as the type and strength of the product you are using. In this article, we'll explore the world of Delta 8, break down its potential benefits and potential risks, and learn how much THC is actually in Delta 8.

What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 is a minor cannabinoid that has been generating buzz in the world of vaping lately. It’s becoming increasingly popular as a legal alternative to Delta 9, the psychoactive compound found in marijuana that is still illegal in many states. Delta 8, on the other hand, is derived from hemp and is federally legal under the 2018 Farm Bill.

So, what exactly is Delta 8? Chemically speaking, it’s very similar to Delta 9 and comes from the same cannabis plant, with a few subtle differences. The most notable of these is the placement of a double bond in its chemical structure, which makes it much less potent than Delta 9. In other words, it won’t get you as high.

But that doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying. Delta 8 has been shown to offer a variety of potential benefits, including pain relief, reduced anxiety, and improved mood. In fact, some users have reported feeling more alert and focused after consuming Delta 8 vape cartridges.

So, if you’re looking for a legal and milder alternative to marijuana, Delta 8 could be worth exploring. Just make sure you’re aware of the THC content and dosage before using it. Similar to THC products, dosing is the key to enjoying a safe and comfortable high. Also consider whether or not Delta 8 is legal in your state (note that it's legal in Ohio and Florida).

How Much THC is in Delta 8?

So, remember that Delta 8 isn't THC. Instead, it's a cannabinoid that's often extracted from hemp and can be found in many forms, such as distillates, edibles, and vapes. Many people choose Delta 8 over Delta 9 due to the former providing mild psychoactive effects, unlike Delta 9 that produces intense euphoria.

This brings us back to the main question, though: How much THC is in Delta 8?

When it comes to THC amounts in Delta 8 products, it can vary. Delta 8 THC products, by law, contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. But, that doesn't mean that Delta 8 products are devoid of THC altogether. They still contain a good amount of Delta 8 THC, which ranges between 50% and 90%.

Ultimately, it's important to know that Delta 8 THC products do contain THC, but only in small amounts. Always make sure to check the label to understand what you’re actually consuming. If you're new to Delta 8 products, start with a low dose and work your way up to find what works best for you.

Delta 8 Ingredients

What's in that Delta 8 vape or edible you're consuming? On its own, Delta 8 is nearly pure and does not contain any significant amounts of other cannabinoids or compounds. However, products like vapes and edibles that contain Delta 8 may have additional ingredients, such as terpenes (which provide flavor and aroma) or carrier oils (like MCT oil, which is often used in tinctures).

It's important to keep in mind that the other ingredients in Delta 8 products may impact the effects you experience. For example, different terpenes may have different effects on your mood and energy level. Additionally, some carrier oils may take longer to absorb into your system compared to others.

In conclusion, Delta 8 is a fascinating compound with a unique set of ingredients that can vary depending on the product. Be sure to check the label carefully and do your research before trying a new Delta 8 product.

Delta 8 Products

Ready to try Delta 8? Lucky for you, there are several types of Delta 8 products on the market today, ranging from popular hybrid, sativa, and indica pre-rolls to edibles you can consume on the go. Here's what to know and how to make a choice for the best ones to try.


Like "regular" weed, Delta 8 comes in flower form, too. And, like Delta 9 marijuana, you'll find several types of THC in your Delta 8 pre-rolls, ranging from Super Lemon Haze to Wedding Cake and beyond.

Pre-rolls are a convenient way to smoke marijuana without the hassle of grinding and rolling. Delta 8 pre-rolls are as easy as they come. Just pop one open, light it up, and voila!


These marijuana-infused treats come in many forms and shapes, including gummies, chocolates, brownies, and more. Edibles are an excellent option for those who don't want to smoke or vape and want to enjoy the benefits of Delta 8 THC.

Edibles usually take a bit longer to kick in than other Delta 8 products, so don't be too hasty if you don't feel the effects immediately. Plus, the effects of Delta 8 edibles last longer than when smoking or vaping.


Delta 8 vape cartridges are perhaps the most popular product in Delta 8 products. They provide a quick, efficient way to consume Delta 8. Vaping Delta 8 THC is also one of the safest ways to consume this substance as it doesn't produce harmful chemicals like smoking.

Delta 8 vape cartridges come in various flavors, strengths, and herbal terpenes, making it easy for anyone to decide which one is best for them. The Delta 8 content in vape cartridges can range from 50 to 90%, depending on the manufacturer.

Buy Delta 8 Products

So, have you gotten the answer to your question? How much THC is in Delta 8? Legally, it should be under 0.3%. However, aside from that, it depends on the types of products you're consuming and where you're buying them. Always purchase Delta 8 products from reputable distributors, like Rapture Vapor.

If you live in the Ohio Valley or Tampa, Florida area, we're here to provide you with the highest quality Delta 8, Delta 9, CBD, and other cannabis products. Start shopping for Delta 8 today!

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