Is There a Superior Choice? The Debate Between CBG vs CBD

Is There a Superior Choice? The Debate Between CBG vs CBD

We've known for a long time that people use cannabis for recreation and fun. It's being taken more seriously from a holistic therapy point today. A big reason for this is that we now have more knowledge of the several different cannabinoids outside of Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that people can use.

There are as many as 100 cannabinoids that researchers know about today. A synergy exists between human beings and the cannabis plant since we all have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) that processes these chemicals.

Two of the most useful and popular non-THC cannabinoids you'll get a lot from are cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabidiol (CBD).

When you understand CBG vs CBD, you'll start to notice how both have a special way of helping people with their health and wellness needs.

CBG vs CBD: What's the Difference?

The legal status of hemp makes it easier for people to take advantage of CBG and CBD. Because of this, deciding between CBG and CBD is mostly a matter of preference.

Both bring benefits and today, it's easy to find both at any hemp smoke shop in your city or online. You can sample some products and do what's best for you after you understand the differences.

They Have Different Chemistry

The differences between CBG and CBD begin with their scientific composition. They have different molecular structures, which means that they will interact differently with your body.

For starters, the atoms are arranged differently. Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen all have different structures when compared between CBG and CBG. It's a malleable chemical, which is why researchers often call it the mother cannabinoid. CBG was the first one that researchers were able to synthesize in a way that converts into other cannabinoids.

CBD Is More Widely Available

It's likely that you have at least heard of CBD before. But you're not alone if you've never come across or heard about CBG. You can buy flower and vape supplies for both of these, but CBD has long been a popular cannabinoid that has crossed over into the mainstream.

This cannabinoid has done a lot to ease the stigma of cannabis since it's non-psychoactive but offers many of the same therapeutic benefits. You can buy them in-store or order both online and have them shipped to you thanks to the United States Farm Bill. But you're more likely to see shops that sell CBD, rather than CBG.

In most states, you don't even need to shop at a medical dispensary to ingest these cannabinoids.

Different ECS Receptor Responses

CBD and CBG have other chemical differences, in that they have different responses when they interact with your endocannabinoid system.

This will create different responses and experiences since the ECS helps to regulate many of your systems. These include both cognitive and physiological experiences.

CBG interacts more directly with both your CB1 and CB2 endocannabinoid receptors. Because of this, it has greater effects on immunity and nervous system function.

If you're choosing an online smoke shop to do business with, make sure that they're knowledgeable on both so that you can get the effects that you're looking for.

Each Affects Your Appetite in Different Ways

When discussing CBD and CBG with your hemp or vape shop, ask questions about appetite. These cannabinoids affect your appetite differently, as CBD suppresses the appetite, while CBG stimulates it.

If you like the munchies and have a plan for it, CBG would be your best bet. If this is your least favorite cannabis side effect, CBD could be what you're looking for.

Consider your reasons for using CBD and CBG so that you can experience the appetite side effects that make the most sense for you.

CBD Is Present Early in the Growth Cycle

You should also consider the way that these cannabinoids are produced. CBD is present early in the growth cycle of hemp. The cannabis and hemp plant growth cycles are dependent on the right mixture of nutrients, seeds, water, and sunlight.

Knowing how these plants flower will help you understand their scientific composition and how they'll interact with you.

The Benefits of CBG

It's important that you know the benefits of CBG and how it can help you out. You'll be able to absorb the compound differently depending on how you take it and the amount that you take.

You can ingest these cannabinoids in disposable liquids and a variety of other forms. Consider the ways to use CBG so that it can assist you with different aspects of wellness.

It Helps People With Glaucoma

There are a variety of conditions that cannabinoids can assist with, and glaucoma is one of the most effective. By ingesting CBG, it eases the pressure that develops inside of your eye.

This is important since glaucoma causes significant fluid to build up to the point that it can damage your optic nerve. By easing this pressure, you'll alleviate the eye pain and can keep your vision clear.

CBG Helps With IBS and Bladder Issues

There are a variety of gastrointestinal and bladder issues that people also deal with. Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can significantly hamper your sense of comfort and quality of life. Bladder issues are also incredibly painful and can affect other areas of your health.

Ingesting CBG can help you ease the symptoms of IBS and bladder issues to help you feel more comfortable.

It Has Several Benefits in Common With CBD

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of CBG is that it also works well with CBD. This is why it's called the mother cannabinoid, and because of how it creates the entourage effect.

The entourage effect is a condition that makes the cannabinoids work better when they're absorbed with each other. CBD works better when it is present with CBG, and vice versa.

The Benefits of CBD

There are also several benefits that you'll enjoy with CBD. Ingesting CBD into your bloodstream also helps your ECS create a variety of bodily and cognitive experiences.

Some of these benefits include:

It's Great for Pain Relief

Cannabis is known for its pain relief qualities. You can buy CBD tinctures that will assist you with easing your aches and pains. People use it internally and externally, as some use a CBD vape or flower to ease the pain, while others rub balms directly onto the muscles and skin.

Regardless, it eases the pain by helping you work through your body's stress response, and by reducing inflammation.

People Use CBD for Insomnia

You can also use CBD to assist you if you're having trouble sleeping at night. Many people deal with insomnia regularly, and they would rather not take sleeping pills regularly. You may be able to experience similar sedative effects when you take high doses of CBD.

There are also several CBD flower strains that you can try out at your leisure. Consider looking into some Indica CBD strains that you can enjoy before you go to bed at night. You will be more likely to drift off into a sound sleep.

It Helps Promote Focus

When you ingest CBD, you will also have an easier time focusing and remaining present. People today are distracted and trying to improve their ability to pay attention.

CBD provides calming effects and may help with cognitive performance. You'll be able to use this improvement in focus however you'd like, whether you have a long studying session or are working in your garden.

Shopping for the Best Cannabinoids

It's easier to enjoy these effects when you source your CBG or CBD from the right place. Find the best cannabinoid shop and make sure that they have a wide selection that you'll enjoy.

They should have CBD and CBG in all of their varieties, such as edibles, flower, and oils. Study the specifications of the products, including the percentage of each cannabinoid. Look for the lab test information so that you can verify that the CBD and CBG are pure and without any contaminants or additives.

Shop around for what you need by checking for prices and making sure that you get the best available.

Add CBD and CBG to Your Regimen

Exploring CBG vs CBD can help you use cannabinoids in the best way possible. If your regimen involves the use of cannabinoids, you can't go wrong with either CBD or CBG. Take the time to shop for what you need.

Rapture Vapor has a wide selection of cannabinoid products that you can enjoy. If you're ready to learn more about us and the products that we offer, send us an e-mail and browse our inventory.

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