Use CBD Sleep Gummies to Fight Daylight Savings Time Fatigue

Use CBD Sleep Gummies to Fight Daylight Savings Time Fatigue - iadorecbd

Sleep is restored to its own circadian rhythm, and the body's sleeping hours are redefined as those in which darkness prevails. The double-edged sword of sunlight during waking hours and darkness during sleeping hours rears its ugly head once again, and it becomes all the more difficult to sleep soundly without a reliable source of CBD Gummies. Daytime stress increases that much more as we contemplate losing an hour of sleep thanks to the time change.

What is Daylight Savings Time?

Let's start with the basics: what exactly is keeping everyone up at night? Daylight Savings Time (DST), also known as "the clock change," is the time change that occurs some months when we "spring forward," and other months when we "fall back." This typically takes place the second Sunday in March (the clock spring forward an hour) and the first Sunday in November (the clock falls back an hour).

The practice was implemented at the beginning of World War II as a means to preserve fuel sources but didn't become law until 1966. Now, it's something many American adults struggle with every year due to changes in their sleep schedule. However, recent research suggests that daylight savings may actually impact energy levels more than energy usage making it not only inconvenient but also potentially dangerous.

If you are struggling with feelings of tiredness or fatigue because of Daylight Savings Time, CBD gummies may help! CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety , fight insomnia , and even improve heart health .

According to one study published in Phytotherapy Research, CBD "induced a substantial increase in serum total GH concentrations during both control and stress conditions." These results indicate that users should experience an increased sense of relaxation after taking these gummy products.

An experiment conducted by Medical News Today found that patients who took 20 mg doses of CBD had a 49% reduced risk of heart palpitations caused by anxiety and stress.

Although CBD has been shown to help with various ailments, some medical professionals warn against using gummies for sleep. Dr. Ajay Dua, an assistant professor in the University of Washington Department of Anesthesiology, told Gizmodo that patients should be wary about relying on gummy products as sleep aids because they might not be consistent enough.

However, other experts have endorsed CBD as a helpful aid for sleep disorders including insomnia , saying that "cannabidiol…has demonstrated antistress effects commonly attributed to currently available anxiolytics." Knowledge Daily reported that several studies have found "positive evidence that cannabidiol may help in the treatment of generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder."

While more research on CBD products is needed to understand which ones are effective for relieving insomnia , it seems likely that you'll experience greater amounts of sleep if you take gummies before bedtime.

 What can you do to fight fatigue from Daylight Savings Time?

You could attempt to adjust your schedule back by one or two hours every day leading up to DST so that when it occurs, you aren't losing any sleep at all, but human physiology makes this practically impossible for most of us. The cortisol in our blood naturally rises when we wake up, and with this increase comes alertness and energy-promoting effects to help us start the day.

Waking hours are light-filled hours, which is why we feel so energetic and motivated to take on tasks during this time of day. It's nearly impossible to avoid losing an hour of sleep without great effort; telling yourself that you won't need an alarm clock next morning is a good way to end up sleeping through your alarm like I always used to do!

Another option would be to simply try creating less sleep debt by waking up earlier every day leading up to DST; but since most people don't get enough sleep as it is, disrupting their usual schedule by waking up earlier only increases the stress on their body and mind.

If you're like me and wish that you could stay in bed all day every Sunday morning when DST rolls around, then I have a solution for your problem: CBD gummies! A number of companies offer gummies infused with cannabidiol, which is derived from hemp or cannabis plants. This cannabinoid has many great medicinal effects due to its ability to interact with the human endocannabinoid system.

One of these benefits is promoting relaxation without causing lethargy or fatigue. Some people report feeling more energetic after taking CBD gummies because relaxed muscles allow for greater mobility! The best thing about taking these edibles before bed is that they can help fight sleep deprivation without causing grogginess or lethargy throughout the day.

 Purchase CBD Gummies Online

If you plan on Purchasing CBD Gummies Online in an attempt to fight DST fatigue, then be sure to only purchase from a reputable source that offers lab tests for all of their products. Any product that doesn't reveal cannabinoid contents or is produced with toxic solvents could have the opposite effect on your body!

A good company will be able to tell you how much CBD is contained in each serving and allow you to choose based on how much sleep deprivation you want beaten back during Spring Forward.

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