CBD For Sleep – Tinctures Vs Softgels

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A group of researchers at the University of Missouri have found evidence that cannabidiol (CBD) could be an effective sleep aid.

The main psychoactive compound in marijuana, THC, is known to cause insomnia but CBD appears to have the opposite effect. This study suggests that the positive effects of CBD are tied to its interactions with serotonin receptors in the brain. CBD inhibits serotonin from binding to 5-HT1a receptors which may affect sleep quality. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter involved in regulating mood and can cause feelings of relaxation and drowsiness. These findings appear online in the journal Neuroscience Letters .

"Given that CBD is reported as being non-psychotropic, we expected negative consequences of its administration on sleep," said lead investigator of the study, Dr. Soomi Lee, in a press release . " Surprisingly, CBD reduced reaction to stress and increased calmness. However, on some days when given the larger dose, it actually increased alertness that was not seen with smaller doses."

The team of researchers used 12 healthy volunteers (6 males and 6 females) who were randomly assigned to receive either 200mg or 600mg oral doses of CBD or placebo on separate nights one week apart. Researchers measured participant's brain activity using polysomnography recordings after each dose. The study focused on changes in the brain regions which are responsible for emotions, mood regulation and mental health along with blood flow measurements of their brains while they slept.

"This research gives preliminary data to suggest that CBD holds potential as a treatment for sleep disturbance," said Dr. Lee. "The results are encouraging and provide basis for further study using chronic insomnia animal model in the future."

CBD Tincture for Sleep

Here are some tips on how to use CBD tinctures for sleep:

When using a CBD tincture for sleep, especially if you are taking full-spectrum CBD oil , make sure your body gets used to it first. Start out by using 1-2 mg 2-3 times a day first week, then 4-5mg 2-3 times per day second week, then 6-7mg 2-3 times per day third week. If you need to, adjust the amount based on how your body reacts. Make sure you stay up until at least an hour after taking CBD tinctures before going to sleep, and never drive or do anything which requires concentration immediately after getting high (you'll probably be tired). Some people find that they get groggy in the morning when using a large dose of CBD before bedtime, so take it before 11:00 pm if possible.

CBD Softgels for Sleep

CBD softgels are one of the ways people prefer taking their supplements because they're easy to swallow and often don't have any taste or odor. Moreover, they also offer automatic dosing due to their controlled release mechanism which makes sure that you get all the effects without having to micromanage your dosages. For example, if you're suffering from chronic pain, it's recommended that you take CBD oil regularly for at least two weeks to experience its full benefits. However, if you're taking CBD softgels, all you have to do is take one pill a day until your symptoms are gone.

CBD Tinctures vs Softgels

Tinctures are a quick, economical way to purchase CBD oil. Tinctures are taken by spraying the extract beneath your tongue where it is absorbed in seconds for fast results.

CBD Oil Softgels are another popular method of ingesting CBD. These capsules are filled with CBD extract and take longer to absorb, but are more convenient for taking orally with water when necessary.

Tinctures typically come in either spray bottles or dropper style bottles. The sprays can provide you with an exact dosage, whereas droppers require you to estimate how many drops equal one dose. You can also opt for syringes that have pre-measured amounts attached to the tip for extra convenience when d specific amounts is critical. This way you can avoid wasting CBD or adding more than necessary.

Tinctures are typically less expensive than CBD Softgels, but it depends on where you buy them. Since tinctures are basically CBD in liquid form they are easy to produce anywhere so the cost is usually reflected in cheaper pricing at online shops because of shipping costs. On the other hand, softgels have the added production process of being filled with oil before sealing so that bumps up their price tag a bit.

Both tinctures and softgels come in strengths ranging from 100mg-1000mg depending on your needs! Tinctures are sublingual meaning they are taken under the tongue for fast absorption, whereas softgels are often time ingested orally with water and although they absorb into your system faster than capsules, it still takes longer than tinctures.

Tinctures and softgels can both be used to keep track of how much CBD is in your body at a given time. Although the two methods provide different benefits for different parts of your body, each will give you the data needed to know if you are maintaining a healthy level of CBD in your system 24/7!

Some people swear by one method over the other but it's all about personal preference! However, CBD Softgels tend to be preferred by those who want more convenience rather than those who need fast absorption. Tinctures are easy on the go and cost effective which makes them a popular choice for those who are just getting into trying CBD for the first time or who are looking to get their feet wet with minimal commitment.

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