What Are the Best Small Vape Devices?

What Are the Best Small Vape Devices?

Evidence of human smoking goes way back. The oldest evidence in America is a handful of Utahn tobacco seeds dated to approximately 12,300 years ago.

Alas, the technology behind smoking hasn't changed much during most of that history. Smoking is dead-simple tech; you just need airflow to feed oxygen to smoldering tobacco. All of that changed when we leveled up to vape.

Vape allows you to "smoke" a lot in a small package. Today, we take a look at small vape devices perfect for being on the go.

Small Vape Devices

We've covered the many different types of vape devices. Today, we focus on a more specific category: vape devices that come in the smallest form factor.

We're looking for vape devices that fit in the palm of your hand or your pocket and won't draw much attention. There are several benefits to using smaller devices, aside from how easily you can slip them into your bag.

Benefits of Small Vape Devices

The main benefit here is convenience. You can grab your vape cartridge and go. Leave behind all your mod components, refillable vape liquid cartridges, batteries, and so on.

Second, a small device allows you to "stealth." Many people wish to vape discreetly without drawing attention from others. Since vaping is not as harmful as smoking and does not leave a strong scent, this makes it ideal for nicotine on the go.

Another reason is how easy it is to keep the vape on your person. A box mod will weigh down heavily on your bag and won't fit into your shirt pocket. Small devices can go into something as small as a jean's coin pocket without much trouble.

Finally, small devices tend to be more affordable. Unlike larger mods, pens and other small vape devices can often cost cents on the dollar if you buy them in bulk. Times are getting tough, so affordability is a must when inflation has hit everyone hard.

Types of Small Vape Devices

The vape market provides a lot of options for those who need small vape devices. Let's take a look at your options so you know what to buy next time you visit your smoke shop.

"Cig-a-like" Disposable Vapes

Most people who are interested in vaping will start their journey with disposable vapes, also known as "cig-a-likes." Their name is self-explanatory since these are vape devices that have the appearance of a conventional cigarette. You might not be able to tell the difference between a disposable and a real cigarette unless you look closely.

Without a doubt, disposables are the most discrete option on this list. Anywhere you can fit or hide a cigarette, you can do the same with a disposable. They go in your pocket, your purse, or even a pack of regular cigarettes.

Advantages of "Cig-a-likes"

Aside from the small form factor, there are a few noticeable advantages of disposables over the competition.

First, they're easy to replace. If you lose one, or if it breaks while in your pocket, replacement will be cheap and easy. Many people love disposables because you can find them in convenience stores, grocery stores, and gas stations.

Also, they don't have a lot of external indicators that could give you away when stealth vaping. Vape devices these days are like gaming computers, covered in fancy lights and decals that draw attention. Disposables might have a ring light at most, to mimic a lit cigarette, but you can often just palm it or turn it off.

Finally, they don't produce as much vape as other devices on this list. So if you take a big puff, it won't be as noticeable when exhaling it as with others.

Disadvantages of "Cig-a-likes"

The biggest disadvantage of disposables right out of the gate is that they don't contribute to sustainable vaping. These are single-use devices that go to the landfill after you use them. Until the day comes when our recycling processes for electronics and rechargeable batteries improve, the situation will remain the same.

Second, since they're single-use devices, they can be more expensive in the long run. It's cheaper to buy a vape pen or pod mod that has replaceable parts.

Vape Pens

Vape pens are the smallest reusable device on this list. They have the appearance of a carpenter pencil with a flat body about the length of your index finger. Compared to other options, this is the best middle-of-the-road solution for someone who wants a small vape device.

Advantages of Pens

The primary advantage of a pen is that you have a form factor close to the size of a disposable, albeit for a reusable device. It's the most compact engineers can make an affordable vaping device.

Unlike your disposables, though, you don't have to discard it after it runs out. The battery is replaceable, as is the e-liquid tank. If it breaks and you can't fix it, replacement will still be on the cheaper side.

Another huge advantage is that it allows you to vape Delta 8, 9, and 10. Other vaping devices allow you to vape marijuana-like products, but vape pens are the most popular option for doing so. There is no stealthier way to enjoy your CBD or THC vape than with a pen.

Disadvantages of Pens

To pack a reusable into such a small form factor, the pen has to make some trade-offs. The biggest disadvantage is the lack of customization.

At most, you might be able to swap out the mouthpiece. You won't be able to upgrade to a larger battery, nor will you be able to use a different tank configuration. You'll have to slap on some stickers or do some custom artwork to make yours unique.

Another noteworthy disadvantage is that you can't vape as much. The capacity of a pen isn't that much more than a disposable one, so you will be making more frequent refills. It will last you a full day or two, depending on your smoking habits, but it's not like a box mod that could easily last a week or longer.

Pod Mod

The pod mod is the closest you can get to a box mod in terms of performance and customization, without going with a complete box mod. It's much larger than a pen or a disposable, but there are several advantages that make it worth the size increase.

Advantages of Pod Mods

The pod mod allows customization almost identical to the box mod. You can change the mouthpiece, the battery, the tank, and some of the internal electrical components as well. Like box mods, tinkerers will love it since they can fix and diagnose most issues on their own.

You get the best vaping experience possible with a pod mod, one comparable to a box mod. Think of it like the difference between cheap cigs and Cuban cigars.

Another benefit is that pod mods make use of nicotine salt e-liquid. In essence, these are a way to get a more potent, concentrated toke of nicotine in a compact package. More bang for your buck without the bulk of a regular box mod.

Overall, when you consider the quality of your vaping experience, this is the most affordable option. If you take good care of your pod mod, it can last many years. All it will need is some battery replacements from time to time and additional maintenance work.

Pods will also work with non-nicotine e-juice, such as CBD.

Disadvantages of Pod Mods

This is the upper limit of what we consider a "small" vape device. The size of a pod mod varies from brand to brand, with some of them being as large as the average box mod. Although they can come in a far smaller form factor, this won't allow for the most stealthy vape experience possible.

The next issue is the expense. It's more affordable in the long run, that much is true, but there will be a hefty initial investment. Buying yourself a quality pod mod could set you back several hundred dollars.

Plus, you will need to do a lot more maintenance to get the best experience. You will need to clean your pod mod from root to stem and maintain its components. If you want a hassle-free vaping experience, go for a pen.

Which One Should You Get?

So now that you know about small vape devices, which one is best for you?

For casual vape users, we recommend disposables and pens. They're easy to operate, work right out of the box, and offer a respectable experience. They can't be beaten in terms of size and affordability.

If you plan on throwing out your cigarettes altogether in favor of vape, then a pod mod is a better investment. You'll prefer the customization options and the higher-quality vape that it produces.

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Small vape devices allow you to stealth vape with ease. Disposables and pens are the smallest and cheapest on the list. Pod mods cost more and are bulkier, but they offer a better overall vape experience.

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